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What is Shark Eyes?

Shark Eyes is an affordable, non-invasive, visual deterrent brought to you from the grass roots – the most experienced watermen in Australian waters – abalone divers. Abalone divers have more wild, non-baited encounters with sharks in Australia on a regular basis than anyone else. Read More…

Created by Professionals

Those endorsing shark eyes (our Ambassadors) consist of abalone divers, marine scientists, shark researchers and professional water sportsmen.

Affordable Risk Reduction

Shark Eyes decals are affordable, non-invasive and can be accessed by all ocean lovers. No recharging is required, it does not alter your watercraft’s performance and there are no installation costs.

First Hand Knowledge

At Shark Eyes we trust in the strong anecdotal evidence coming from nature and our ambassadors, professional watermen and women with first hand knowledge.

Behavioural Research

Nature has proven line of sight works as an effective defense against attack. It is common knowledge amongst professional watermen that when eye contact is made with a shark it changes its behaviour and takes away the element of surprise, which is vital in an attack.

Our Story

Shark Eyes founder Shanan Worrall has spent his life working and playing in the sharkiest coast in Australia. As an abalone and shell diver, spear fisherman and big wave surfer, wild interactions with sharks have been plentiful. He has been involved in a number of shark attacks…


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Shark Eyes Ambassadors

Meet the team behind Shark Eyes, created from the combined knowledge of the world’s leading abalone divers, professional fishermen, professional surfers and professional watermen.

Shanan Worrall

Shanan is known as an all round waterman, and West Aussie “underground hellman”
Read More

Founder of One Ocean International
Joe Knight

Having had interactions with all the top predatory sharks that frequent Australia’s coastline
Read More

Professional Surfer
Trent Munro

Trent started surfing before he could actually swim, on the inside point of his Dad’s surfboard
Read More

2x Shark attack survivor & Abalone Diver
Greg Pickering

My second shark attack occurred whilst abalone diving 160 kms east of Esperance
Read More

Professional Stand Up Surfer and all round Waterman
Justin Holland

Justin is a Professional Stand Up Surfer, Big Wave surfer, Shortboard surfer, and all round Waterman
Read More

Professional Sports Photographer and Waterman
Russell Ord

Russell Ord “Ordy” is a celebrated international photographer with a unique connection to the ocean
Read More

Professional Kite surfer
Ryland Blakeney

I have been surfing since the age of 5 and I love the ocean. I couldn’t imagine my life without it!
Read More

Oceanographer and Marine Scientist
Cristiana Damiano

Cristiana is an Oceanographer & Marine Scientist. She is also a Naturalist, Producer & Presenter.
Read More

Abalone Diver and Shark Researcher
Marc Payne

Marc has spent a lifetime underwater in the worlds most shark infested waters off Australia’s south coast
Read More

Professional Big Wave Surfer
Mick Corbett

When you’re sitting next to a guy getting attacked, it changes your whole outlook
Read More

Abalone Diver
Cameron Spencer

Born 1977 Esperance, Cameron started spending time at beach close to day dot
Read More

7x New Zealand Spearfishing Champion
Julian Hansford

I turned to look over my shoulder and there was a large Bronze Whaler Shark
Read More

Marine Science University of Tasmania
Dr Kristen Perks

Dr Kristen Perks is a research scientist, specialising in fish endocrinology
Read More

University of Stirling Scotland and University of Tasmania
Dr Mark Porter

My professional studies have involved many fish species but sharks have always been my amateur passion
Read More

Abalone Diver
Andrew Roe

I have spent thousands of hours under water and come into contact with my fair share of sea life
Read More

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